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Anthony has been doing full-time Laravel development since 2014 (Laravel 3) and Winterwind has been using the framework as it’s “go-to” for mobile APIs and custom web applications since 2018. Laravel is a mature and robust PHP framework which allows for rapid application development (RAD). Anthony used to be a core contibutor to the framework until 2017, when he turned his focus towards becoming proficient with blockchain development.

Laravel has been a leading PHP framework since 2015, however organizations were still hesitant to choose it at that time because PHP was benchmarking slower than competitor languages at that time such as Python (Django) and Ruby (Ruby on Rails). That all changed with the release of PHP 7. PHP is now a fast, mature and secure language, and it has arguably the best web framework now in Laravel.

The benefits of using Laravel for your web or API application are too numerous to list, however we will cover a few here that are relevant to the business side of things. As mentioned, Laravel is a rapid application development framework, with countless open source packages out there to further add on to its functionality. Most of these third-party vendor packages, developed by the passionate Laravel community, add on new functionality that does not come out of the box. These packages, and Laravel itself, are open-source and free.

With Laravel as your web framework, you can work smarter, not harder.

Winterwind can provide you with a team of talented Laravel developers from the Philippines to bring your application to life as fast as possible. These developers all work under the mentorship of Winterwind’s founder, Anthony, who is with them in the Philippines.

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