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NationBuilder Development Services

Anthony has been creating websites for politicians, unions and charities in NationBuilder since 2017. NationBuilder is an extremely powerful tool for organizing and fundraising when used correctly. Programming within NationBuilder can be challenging at time so it needs a creative approach and it needs a team that is experienced with all the peculiarities and limitations of the platform. There are numerous workarounds that can be achieved with NationBuilder that can enable you as a client to put whatever functionality you would like. Do not listen to other vendors that say "That cannot be done" within NationBuilder. It can be done. Programming within NationBuilder often requires creating separate APIs and calling them using Javascript to achieve what you want to. Luckily, the Winterwind team has extensive experience creating all kinds of NationBuilder sites.


Address: //www.bcgeu.ca/

The BCGEU is the largest union in British Columbia and represents tens of thousands of members in the private and public sector. Winterwind are the creators of this website which is build on NationBuilder. The BCGEU takes advantage of a number of features within NationBuilder including the communications features of SMS blasts, email blasts and more. This site integrates extensively with NationBuilder Member API. Maintaining and updating member information and contact information is a core function of this integration. The BCGEU also stores member information in a traditional relational database, and Winterwind has written syncing scripts that sync the information between all the databases.


Progressive Labour Party

Address: //www.plp.bm/

Anthony was the Technology Director for the PLP during their General Election in the summer of 2017. Anthony and the Winterwind team created the PLP.BM website which was built on NationBuilder. Winterwind also created a number of other supporting software for election day including custom GOTV (get out the vote) software. An email campaign was conducted using NationBuilder leading up to the election, and on the election day, we sent SMS messages to two-thirds of the Bermuda population at different times throughout the day including an hour before the vote closed. According to polls the PLP were supposed to lose the election, however they ended up winning in a landslide scoring 24 out of 36 seats. Winterwind was proud to be behind the technology force for David Burt's PLP.

Catholic Charities of New York

Address: //catholiccharitiesny.org/

Catholic Charities of NY is another example of a non-political customer we have that is running on NationBuilder. They are using NationBuilder for member management as well as fundraising. Their checkout includes options for Paypal and Credit Card.


BCGEU Member Portal

Address: //my.bcgeu.ca/login

The member portal allows users to login and perform a number of functions that lets them interact with their union. They can update their contact information, file grievances, vote on policy changes and more. This information is all stored within NationBuilder, where union staff can stay in touch with their members and make informed decisions based on their member input. The BCGEU also heavily uses the event functions in NationBuilder for their rallies and member drives.


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