Canada Software Development Rates

Winterwind offers competitive pricing compared to other leading agencies in Canada. It does so by running a bare-bones operation with no physical office. This allows the company to have the funds required to hire the best designers and engineers. Anthony's management services come at no cost to you. When you engage a Winterwind resource, Anthony will function as a CTO on your project and provide management and supervision of your team at no extra cost to you. All prices in Canadian dollars.

$22Maple Leaf
per hour
Front-end Developer
Check HTML 5 Expert
Check CSS 3 Expert
Check Bootstrap Expert
Check Vue.js Expert
Check Advanced with Laravel
Check Git Expert
Check Basic Linux Skills
$25Maple Leaf
per hour
DevOps Engineer
Check PHP/Node.js/Python/Elixir
Check Linux Expert
Check Nginx and PHP-FPM config
Check Docker Expert
Check Git Expert
Check DNS Expert
Check CloudFront/CloudFlare Expert
Check Jenkins/CircleCI
Check Integrate AWS Offerings
Check Database Administration
$25Maple Leaf
per hour
Mobile Developer
Check React Native Expert
Check Advanced with Linux
Check App Store Submission
Check Google Play Submission
Check Swift Expert
Check Cocoa Touch Expert
Check Kotlin Expert
$40Maple Leaf
per hour
Blockchain Developer
Check Linux Expert
Check C++/Java/Node.js/Python
Check Bitcoin/BCH Expert
Check EOS Expert
Check Stellar Lumens Expert
Check Binance Chain Expert
Check Waves Expert
$25Maple Leaf
per hour
NationBuilder Developer
Check Fundraising platform
Check Win Political Campaigns
Check Non-profits and charity support
Check Liquid template Engine
Check Integrate external APIs
Check NB People database
Check Integrate NB with relational DB
$40Maple Leaf
per hour
Senior C++ Developer
Check Object Oriented Design
Check Proficient in Linux shell scripting
Check Open-source/3rd-party library compilation
Check Cross compilation
Check Debugging tools like valgrind
Check STL, Boost, TCP/IP Sockets and multi-threading
Check Test Driven Development experience
$40Maple Leaf
per hour
Senior Java Developer
Check Spring Boot Framework
Check JSF Expert
Check Expert in SOA and SOAP
Check Expert in REST, XML, WSDL and JAXP XML Beans
Check JUnit Framework
Check Hybernate ORM Expert
Check Experienced in Microservices
$38Maple Leaf
per hour
Senior Python Developer
Check Django Expert
Check CherryPy Expert
Check Experience in Pyramid
Check Flask Expert
Check CubicWeb Experience
Check Async Frameworks like AIOHTTP, Sanic, Tornado
Check Experienced in Pylons Framework
$25Maple Leaf
per hour
Senior Flutter Developer
Check Mobx, Redux, Bloc architecture
Check Efficient dart skills
Check Proficient with native iOS and Android development
Check Expert with SQLite
Check Experienced with Flutter Web and Flutter Desktop
Check Expert with Dio
Check Experienced with RxDart
$26Maple Leaf
per hour
Senior Swift Developer
Check Proficient with Swift and native iOS app development
Check Experienced in web service integrations (REST, JSON, or XML)
Check Experienced with iOS frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation, etc.
Check Experienced with cloud messaging APIs and push notifications
Check Experience with offline storage, threading and performance tuning
Check Knowledgeable of Apple’s design principles and interface guidelines
Check Excellent attention to detail with a focus on great UX
$40Maple Leaf
per hour
AWS Administrator
Check AWS Expert
Check Linux Expert
Check Cloudflare Expert
Check Cloudfront Expert
Check DNS Expert
Check Web Security Expert
Check Database Administration
$40Maple Leaf
per hour
Blockchain Consultant
Check Consulting from Anthony directly
Check ICO & Fundraising Consulting
Check Choosing the right blockchain
Check Hybrid Blockchain Solutions
Check Integrating Blockchain into Websites
Check Integrating Blockchain into Mobile Apps
Check Starting a blockchain business
$22Maple Leaf
per hour
Project Manager
Check PM Skills
Check Agile Expert
Check Asana Expert
Check Trello Expert
Check Excellent Communication
Check Give Daily Reports
Check Ensures deadlines are met
$40Maple Leaf
per hour
Database Designer
Check MySQL/Maria DB Expert
Check Postgres Expert
Check Design DB from scratch
Check Provide normalized DB design
Check Improve DB normalization
Check Query Optimization
Check Write complex queries
$25Maple Leaf
per hour
Senior UI/UX Designer
Check Wireframing
Check Prototyping
Check Beautiful UI Design
Check Logical UX
Check Logo Design
Check Responsive Design
Check Brand Guide Creation
$40Maple Leaf
per hour
Web Development Consultant
Check Consulting from Anthony directly
Check Leveraging Laravel's power
Check Achieving scalability with AWS
Check Planning architecture with
Check Increasing PageSpeed score
Check Reducing website loading time
Check Achieving bug-free applications
Check Setting up error-reporting
$40Maple Leaf
per hour
AWS Consultant
Check Consulting from Anthony directly
Check Scalable servers with EC2
Check Scalable databases with RDS
Check Achieving server security within AWS
Check Implementing firewalls, subnets and more
Check Securing documents with private S3 policies
Check Speeding up page loading time with CloudFront
$40Maple Leaf
per hour
Mobile App Consultant
Check Consulting from Anthony directly
Check Cutting dev time with React Native
Check Coding once for iOS and Android
Check Adding a data layer to apps
Check Getting approval on the AppStore
Check Integrating payments or subscriptions
Check Integrating ApplePay
Check Getting around ApplePay and using alternatives
$22Maple Leaf
per hour
Blockchain Writer
Check ICO Whitepaper
Check Business Plans
Check News or Blogs
Check Website copy