Stripe is a third-party software platform which serves as an online payment tool that puts the focus on providing a clear and robust API for the developers. Partly due to it having no subscription or hidden charges, it has become a popular payment platform for companies ranging from small startups to large corporations for processing payments. Stripe allows the customers credit cards to be charged without requiring them to be redirected to another website. The entire process is seamless.

Stripe includes well-documented APIs to manage local and international transactions, customized according to the requirements of the business which are then integrated into the online websites, for both desktop and mobile interfaces allowing millions of organizations to carry out their business online.


Stripe includes a number of features that assist the developer in accepting payments including Stripe Elements (allowing a business owner to create and customize their payment flow, Stripe Connect, Stripe Checkout, in-person payments, invoicing and Stripe Sources (allowing a business owner to accept payments through a single integration).

Stripe is becoming a favoured tool in comparison to its competitors and is expecting even more growth as a payment solution. It is now being utilized in various industries globally including telecom, ecommerce, social sectors, businesses, and the entertainment sector.

Benefits of using stripe
Easy Setup and Signup

With a minimal registration and setup process, Stripe is easy for business owners to sign up for. It does not require any paper forms to be sent off. Once the user is logged into Stripe, they can add their bank account so that the payments they process can also be withdrawn to any bank account.

Minimal Cost and Transparent Pricing

Stripe has no setup costs, no account maintenance costs and is transparent with its cost structure. The only cost that you as a business owner will incur is the transaction fees, which can vary according to your country and monthly transaction volume.


There are however some exceptions to this rule including international payments, ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments, Stripe billing and fraud protection, which can cause your price to vary based on the additional features that you require.


Stripe is Level 1 PCI Compliant. This means that they follow the standards set by the Payment Card Industry, ensuring that all financial details of every customer are properly secured. Additionally, Stripe provides a two-step authentication for user accounts to enhance security.


Every business runs differently and has a different way of processing payments. Stripe allows a user to customize their payment process according totheir business requirements. Even if you have limited technical skills, Stripe’s customization process is straightforward and easy.


In addition, the Stripe dashboard allows you to personalise charts and analytics according to your requirements, and is available for use on both the web and your mobile phone.

International Payments

Stripe is designed to be a solution for global payments. It does not limit the business owner to any specific bank or their home currency, and allows for business expansion on a global level. It also gives the convenience to your customers to pay in their local currency.

Clean Dashboard

With a dashboard that is clean and easy to navigate, Stripe users can use it to track payments, discounts and taxes, and view data analytics.

Customer Support

Stripe offers 24/7 support for its users through phone, chat or social media platforms. They have a support centre with both support representatives as well as developers available to assist users during troubleshooting. Stripe has recently added a paid Premium Support feature to ensure maximum convenience for users and to provide prompt support to its customers.


How we can help you?

Winterwind has extensive experience integrating Stripe into websites ranging from small charity websites to complex e-commerce applications. Our team works efficiently to provide and customize the most suited Stripe payment flow according to your business needs. We acquire information regarding your business, your goals, your profit and revenue models and your marketing funnels, and implement a Stripe checkout based on the conversion flow on your website. Once the code has been deployed, we ensure our availability for support and maintenance post-deployed so that you have ongoing, long-term support for your application. We know that if the payment flow is not intuitive and easy for a customer to use, they will switch to using your competitor’s site. We will make sure this doesn’t happen!


In order to use the Stripe platform properly, you as a business owner will require a Stripe developer with the required programming skills to integrate Stripe’s API. At Winterwind, our Stripe development team are full stack developers with a good command over technical skills including PHP, Javascript and Node.js, which are just a few examples of languages required to integrate the application with Stripe’s API.

There are numerous ways in which we can assist you in growing your business.

Stripe Checkout

There is more than one way to integrate Stripe into your website. Stripe provides a JavaScript snippet enabling a simple checkout for your customers. This removes the need to add a lot of backend code in order to provide a working checkout. Our Stripe development experts are able to incorporate Stripe Checkout to assist your website with payment validation and processing, as well as troubleshooting and bug fixing.


For those clients that are looking for a more seamless option, our team can integrate Stripe’s API into your server-side code so you can have a smooth checkout consolidated with your own design.

Recurring Billing

Stripe has extensive support for recurring billing within their platform. Our seasoned team of professionals at Winterwind can assist you in creating different plans with your Stripe (e.g. bronze, silver, gold) and integrate them into your web application using a customized checkout.

Stripe Connect

If you have extensive payment needs and are targeting a bigger and more diverse market, Stripe Connect is an essential feature of the Stripe ecosystem. This permits the user to customize onboarding, set timing for payments and allow for the movement of money in the marketplace. By sending and receiving payments with multiple different third-parties and contractors to your business, you can easily streamline the payment process with Stripe Connect.

Stripe connect

Do you operate something like an affiliate platform and are required to payout to hundreds of accounts around the globe every month? We can help you build the payment architecture that your business requires, customizing it according to your specifications. Our team will assist you in integrating Stripe Connect to simplify the process by automating your payout workflow.

Stripe Radar
Stripe radar

Stripe uses Radar, a machine-learning fraud system which uses algorithms to observe the characteristics of millions of payments made through Stripe to differentiate legitimate purchases from the counterfeit ones and then accept or reject them in real time. Requiring no setup, Radar applies dynamic 3D Secure to payments to help counter fraud.

Stripe’s banking and financial partners provide Radar with direct information on disputes, and provides end-to-end security. We can integrate Radar with Stripe on your website to enhance your website’s security features and reduce the risk element.

Stripe Atlas

For entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners based in the United States, Stripe has provided the Stripe Atlas feature for setting up an ecommerce structure. Winterwind can help set up a domestic bank account for you, get a credit card, add your paperwork and tax information and start receiving payments online via Stripe so you can focus your attention on expanding your business.

Stripe atlas
Stripe Sigma
Stripe sigma

For entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners based in the United States, Stripe has provided the Stripe Atlas feature for setting up an ecommerce structure. Winterwind can help set up a domestic bank account for you, get a credit card, add your paperwork and tax information and start receiving payments online via Stripe so you can focus your attention on expanding your business.

Stripe Relay

We can assist you in integrating the Relay feature in your Stripe software by linking existing ecommerce systems or by using APIs to provide a great shopping experience for your customers on their mobile apps. This API will allow you to directly publish your products on your site and encourage product buying through third-party apps like Twitter, enabling your customers to buy your products within the tweets without leaving their social media apps.

Stripe relay
Stripe Issuing
Stripe issuing

Stripe Issuing is a very exciting development within Stripe which permits you to issue custom debit or credit cards to your employees or customers. This feature allows you to create both physical and virtual cards. We can facilitate you in creating APIs which will permit you to create and control cards that have customized spending limits and are programmable.

Stripe Corporate Card

All our developers need to do is set up a Stripe account and you will instantly have a virtual corporate card available to manage your business expenses. The Stripe Corporate Card will allow you to handle your expenses and expand your credit limit as your business expands.

Stripe Corporate card

Our Portfolio

1. Northwest Seat Covers

Catering to customers in Canada and the United States, Northwest Seat Covers is one of the most well-known, high quality seat cover brands, manufacturing custom-fit seat covers and vehicle accessories such as steering wheel covers for various vehicle makes and models. Their collection includes custom-fit and form-fit seat covers which are durable and easy to maintain.

Our team incorporated the Stripe payment structure for their products to ensure that their customers can buy seat covers without being redirected away from their website. It also allows Northwest Seat’s customers to change the currency they are charged in depending on which version of the site they are using.

Northwest Sear Covers

To visit their website, click on the link:

2. Catholic Charities, NY

For over a century, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York has been supporting Americans in need by protecting and nurturing children, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, strengthening families, supporting the physically and mentally challenged as well as welcoming immigrants and refugees.

Being a fundraising and donation website, our team customized a contribution and donation forum for them so that donors could donate money conveniently to the numerous causes the Catholic Charities work for. They have a separate link on their website for each cause, making it easy for the donor to choose the cause they want to support. Furthermore, they have the option of adding recurring monthly contributions to the charities so that the donor does not have to go through the hassle of manually donating an amount each month.

Catholic Charities

To know more about Catholic Charities, follow the link:

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