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Winterwind has extensive experience integrating Stripe into a range of websites from charity to e-commerce sites and more. Stripe is a large credit card processing and payments company that puts the focus on providing a clear and robust API for developers to interface with. Because Stripe's API is so easy to work with and quick to integrate, it says you money as a client. They also have an excellent dashboard for the customers so you will feel less of a need to develop your own dashboard, saving you money again. That being said, the team at Winterwind is available to you for creating custom dashboards and reporting if your business requires that.

Checkout Options

There is more than one way to integrate Stripe into your website. Stripe provides some JavaScript modules which provide a simple checkout option and removing the need to add a lot of backend code integrating their API.

However, for those clients that are looking for a more seamless option, we can integrate Stripe's API into your server-side code so you can have a seamless checkout with your own design.

Recurring Billing

Are you looking to create an online business with a subscription model? Will you charge your users a monthly fee? Stripe has extensive support for recurring billing within their platform. Winterwind can help you create different plans within your Stripe (eg. bronze, silver, gold) and integrate them into your web application using a customized checkout.

Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect is an important feature of the Stripe ecosystem, however it might not be needed by your business. If you have extensive payments needs including sending and receiving payments with multiple different third-parties and contractors to your business, you may be able to streamline things with Stripe Connect. Learn more about Stripe Connect here:

Mass Payouts

Do you operate something like an affiliate platform and are required to payout to hundreds or more accounts every month? Let Winterwind assist you with integrating "Connect Payouts" to simplify the process.

Card Issuance with Stripe Issuing

Stripe Issuing is a very exciting development within Stripe which allows you to issue custom debit or credit cards to your staff or users. These can be physical or virtual cards. Learn more about Stripe Issuing here:

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