Got a product to sell but not sure how to sell it? We’ve got you covered!

Shopify, a leading e-commerce solution with more than 800,000 stores around the globe, is a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) where entrepreneurs can set up their products online to be able to market and sell them, both online as well as offline. This includes creating websites and apps with a shopping cart, where the seller’s product can be managed and sold, the inventory can be maintained dynamically according to order activity, payment details can be set and products can be marketed. It helps the seller conveniently manage and expand their business without having to worry about website development and the technical issues that are linked to it.

A Shopify development agency like Winterwind can help you, the customer, in setting up a Shopify account from scratch or migrating an existing e-commerce site over there. They can also assist you in revamping and upgrading your existing website to cater to your requirements. We at Winterwind are experts in Shopify development. We can not only help you set up a Shopify account but can also help you revamp your existing Shopify account so that it is more beautiful and has a better user experience, leading to more traffic and conversions.

Considering the rapidly changing trends of technology and the world moving towards online interaction, Shopify is a software that is easy to use, not just for you but your customers as well! We can help set up your online store with a beautiful interface that is user-friendly and structured to provide the best user experience.

Benefits of choosing Shopify

The benefits of using Shopify as your go-to online shop include, but are not limited to:


Simple to use - people who are not tech-savvy but want to set up an online shop can easily use Shopify for selling their products. It is easy and straightforward to use and manage. Shopify has a dashboard which also advises on how to improve the performance of the website. Shopify also has how-to tutorials and detailed guides which help in setting up an account as well as fixing any glitches that might occur.


Use Shopify On The Go - Shopify is not just limited to be used on your computer; it has an app for both Android and iOS so you can manage and modify your website through your phone wherever you are.


Customization - there are lots of different themes to choose from, both free and paid, to suit your business style and brand identity. You can pick a theme, try it, see if it works for you and then pay for it instead of having to pay first and try later. You can also import a theme externally. If that doesn’t work for you either, we can help you create your own theme from scratch using the Liquid template engine. Moreover, you can choose and import Google web-safe fonts to differentiate your website from the standard templates. The best part about theme customization is that you do not have to be an expert in programming to be able to modify themes; anyone can customize a theme according to their requirements. Winterwind use employs senior UI designers that can create a custom theme for you.


Flexible - Shopify can help you set up multi-regional stores where transactions can take place in your local currency. Individual shipping costs can also be set up categorized by country or shipping carrier. Additionally, since you have complete access to the code, you can create customizations according to your own requirements.


Reliable - Shopify is not only convenient but it’s secure as well. Considering the sensitive information that the website will include, including your customers’ details, it is imperative that the website be secure. Additionally, an online shopping store needs to be just that - always online. Shopify is extremely reliable and their customer support staff is available 24/7 to ensure that your website and shopping cart is up and running smoothly at all times.


Troubleshooting and Customer Support - In case of any technical concerns with your Shopify account, their customer service is fast, smooth and reliable. They have a short response time and can be available through phone, email and live chat at all times. They also have an FAQ which can help troubleshoot a number of common issues.


Mobile-Friendly - In the current day and age when everything is going mobile, it is important that websites be mobile-friendly and responsive on all devices. Shopify ensures a mobile-optimised website which means that your online store will look perfect not just on your desktop, but on iPads, tablets and mobile phones as well!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Shopify’s Search Engine Optimization will help put your website at a higher rank in the search engine results so that potential customers are able to visit your website and buy the product you’re selling. It also provides advanced analytics on your customers which can be a useful tool to upgrade and modify your marketing tactics to ensure higher traffic and eventually higher revenue.


Apps and Marketing Tools - Shopify has over 2400 marketing tools and apps which can be a useful mechanism to increase customer traffic and engagement. This includes but is not limited to email marketing, product reviews, social media integration, gift cards and discount codes. Shopify is consistently working on frequently adding new tools and features to enhance the Shopify experience.


Abandoned Cart Recovery - A unique feature in the Shopify software allows you to send a reminder to your customer through an automated email to complete their purchase. Many customers shopping online tend to add items in their shopping carts, only to abandon the shopping cart later on. The email reminders will assist you in interacting with the customers and eventually driving them to complete their purchase thereby increasing your revenue and profit.


Payment Options - Shopify allows for various payment options to allow for the convenience of its users. Credit cards (eg. Stripe Integration), PayPal and even Bitcoin are available as a payment option. Shopify has recently introduced their own Shopify Payment Gateway, which will waive the Shopify transaction fee, however this is only applicable in selected countries.

Shopify has the option of displaying prices by including or excluding tax, whichever is feasible for you and your customers. The tax and shipping prices can be customized according to country of origin. For US-based online stores, Shopify will automatically calculate the tax due based on the Zip Code.

The best part of Shopify is being able to run a business remotely without any hassle of a physical business. The only thing you require? An internet connection. We will take care of the rest.


Lots of business owners and entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the effort that goes into creating and maintaining a shopping cart website. Not only do they have to focus on their product and generating sales, but also have the added stress of maintaining a website and fixing any problems that might occur, distracting them from their main goal. Not to mention the recruitment of developers and designers who may or may not be the best fit for their business. Creating a website might seem an easy task but creating a website with optimum potential for a business is a challenging one.


Shopify developers and experts are able to create websites structured according to the requirements and goals of a business, can help optimize business growth and can take off the added strain of website maintenance. They are able to work on SEO to gain higher organic traffic and can solve technical glitches as they occur.

Shopify experts can help you focus on your business without wasting time on technicalities, creating an online presence that helps improve your market reputation and promotes your brand identity.


Winterwind Shopify

Our Shopify development team are pros at creating Shopify websites that not only look professional but are generating revenue for our clients left, right and centre. Hard work and dedication is put into the creation of the website and it is tailored according to your specific requirements both in terms of interface as well as functionality. We go out of the way to not only create and manage a Shopify website that will help your business thrive, and will also provide recommendations on how to best utilize it to get the maximum output. Additionally, we also provide post-development support to our customers to avoid any hiccups.

Our team of developers will ensure that your website not only caters to your business requirements, but also sets your brand apart in the niche market. With your mission and vision in mind, we work on creating the perfect blend to showcase your brand. We build websites to establish uniqueness and make it more attractive and engaging for your customers. We pay attention to your digital appearance and work on making it user-friendly to build a reputation for your business. We help you establish your brand name through your online appearance. We work on creating the perfect website based on the current digital trends. You can focus on your business growth while we handle the execution from a technology standpoint.

At Shopify, there are numerous themes that can be used to build a website for any and all businesses. We can customize those themes using our front-end development expertise, developing a unique experience not only for your customers but you as a business owner too! Having expertise in Liquid programming language, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery and Bootstrap and having a strong working experience in installing and customizing Shopify themes is what differentiates us. We will not only create the perfect website for you but will also help you keep up to date with Shopify updates.

Communication is a crucial part of our processes. We listen then strategize. We pay attention to your business objectives, and personalize a website to suit your business needs and still stay within your budget. We ensure a proper communication channel throughout the planning and development process so that you’re not left wondering what we’re up to. We will also provide proper documentation throughout the planning and development process to ensure that all processes are properly followed. We identify responsibilities and set milestones and timelines for each customer which are effectively communicated and approved before the start of the project.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital part of any online platform. Every entrepreneur and business owner wants to have a website which ranks higher in search engines, generating more organic traffic and eventually more revenue. This is only possible through SEO. Our developers will not only create a website that is user-friendly and unique, but will also optimize it for search engines, increasing traction and helping your business to flourish. E-commerce SEO is one of the more challenging types of SEO due to category pages and optionally, pages with products grouped by hashtag. But the developers in Winterwind are familiar with the best practices surrounding E-commerce SEO.

The current online business climate completely revolves around social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are vital for any business to prosper. We can integrate your website with your social media to make online marketing and shopping easier and more convenient. This can include buying options without leaving social media. Apps like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can be integrated with your Shopify account so that your customers can buy your products without going through the hassle of opening another tab in their browser. Shopify can also be integrated with Amazon and Ebay to widen your customer’s shopping horizon.

We have an excellent portfolio, great communication and technical skills and a number of satisfied long-term customers. Our portfolio speaks for itself; our customers are pleased with the outcome and so are we! With years of experience working in Shopify, our team is dedicated and hard-working. We’re firm on the belief that we’re the best at what we do. With us, you will have the complete package and a long-term solution for the technical side of your business. We will provide post-development maintenance services, guidance and advice, and will remain available for you for any concerns that you might have so that you can run a hassle-free business from the convenience of your own home.

Our Portfolio

1. Haus

Incorporated in 2007, Haus is a store of carefully selected aesthetic furniture, lighting and homeware which is available for customers. Their products are sourced from leading European design brands as well as lesser known pieces from independent designers.

We created a Shopify website to facilitate their online business. Their online shop displays selected examples from the range of furniture and homeware that they offer. It is customized according to their preferences and accurately represents their brand identity.


To visit their website, follow the link:


Founded in 2006 by Rebecca Powell, Tluxe is a fashion brand designed to fit and flatter women of all shapes and sizes. They are not only focused on fashion essentials for women but also work for the environment, making sustainable fabrics and supporting the local industry.

Our team of developers created an online shop for them which was easy to navigate for their users, simplistically designed and focused on flourishing their business. We integrated their social media with the website as well so that customers could visit their social media with a single click. They also have the Shop Now button available on social media for customers who want to shop without leaving their apps.


For more information on Tluxe, visit their website:

If you still not sure about Shopify Development and how it works, contact us!