What is Mollie?

Founded in 2004, Mollie is a comprehensive payment gateway which develops and builds commerce solutions and APIs to accept digital payments globally. It was created with the purpose of providing numerous payment methods like credit cards, PayPal and others and facilitates you in sending money through a secure provider in a time-efficient manner. Furthermore, Mollie can assist you in expanding your customer base internationally providing support for all popular payment methods with just a single integration.


Mollie is targeted for organizations and industries in all verticals and sizes and offers international credit card payments as well as local payment methods which include Sofort, iDEAL and Bancontact.

How does Mollie work?

To start using Mollie, you will first need to install the Mollie API client which will require Node 6.14x or a higher version. Once that is installed, you can create your Mollie account, free of cost. Once you have created your account and signed in, you will be redirected to your dashboard where you can access your API keys (live and test mode). You will first be using the Mollie API client in test mode to ensure that the payment process is running smoothly. After confirmation, you can use Mollie in live mode and start accepting actual payments from your customers.

Mollie payments API enables you to create a payment method for your website or shop. Whenever a customer checks out a product or service, the website will create a payment on Mollie using the

How does it Mollie work

Payments API, including information like the payment amount, description and the URL to redirect the customer. The API will then respond with and store a unique ID based on the payment. This ID will then be linked to your customer’s order and will navigate the customer to the checkout URL using Mollie API.

When the customer actually reaches the checkout page, they will choose the payment method to make the payment. After the payment is made by the customer, Mollie will inform your website about the payment status, by calling the webhook. After the response from the webhook, Mollie will consider the payment process as successful and the transaction will be complete, with an email sent to the customer that the transaction has been successfully executed.

After the email is sent, Mollie navigates the user back to the website and thanks the customer, letting them know that their payment has been received and their order is verified.

Payment Process


With Mollie, it is up to the user to decide when to get paid. So, technically, you can get paid however you want; it could either be monthly, biweekly, weekly, or even daily payouts, all without any additional charges.

What are the features of Mollie?

Mollie has the following features and components which make it a popular payment integration tool:

Payment Method

Payments methods show all the payment methods that are applicable and enabled on the website.


Refunds can be made if a payment needs to be reversed. The amount is credited back to your customer’s account or card.


customers section will enable you to organize and maintain your customer’s details as well as their payment and subscription history.


The orders API is used for management of order detail and to allow your customer to make payments for their orders.


Mandates enable you to charge recurring amounts to a specific customer’s credit card or bank account. This is only possible for IBAN and PayPal.


Subscriptions can provide a recurring payment schedule to be enabled so that your customer is charged periodically without them having to manually make the payment every time.

Mollie is integratable with many tools and technologies, some of which are the following:

Mollie is integratable with many tools

Fee and Cost Structure for Mollie

Fee and Cost Structure for Mollie

Payment Method Fee Structure
iDeal (the Netherlands) € 0.29
Personal MasterCard (EU) € 0.25 + 1.8%
Business and non-EU MasterCard € 0.25 + 2.8%
Personal Visa Card (EU) € 0.25 + 1.8%
Business and non-EU Visa Card € 0.25 + 2.8%
American Expresses (global) € 0.25 + 2.8%
Maestro (the Netherlands) € 0.39
Apple Pay (global) Depending on card
Bancontact (Belgium) € 0.39
PayPal (global) € 0.1 + PayPal
SEPA direct debit (Europe) € 0.25
SEPA credit transfer (Europe) € 0.25
SOFORT banking (Europe) € 0.25 + 0.9%
EPS (Austria) € 0.25 + 1.5%
Cartes Bancaires (France) € 0.25 + 1.8%
Giropay (Germany) € 0.25 + 1.5%

What are the benefits of using Mollie?

There are various benefits of using Mollie as your preferred payment gateway which are as follows:

Easy Setup - Creating, verifying and activating a Mollie account is an easy, convenient and time-efficient process.

Transparent Pricing - The cost structure for Mollie will only ask your customers to pay for transactions that have been successfully executed. Also, Mollie does not have any hidden costs, monthly fees or fixed contracts and does not have a minimum cost requirement.

Recurring Payments - Mollie provides the feature of recurring payments so that automated payments can be made periodically without your customers having to go through the hassle of doing it themselves.

Secure Provider - Mollie ensures that all payments are transferred on a secure network so that no unauthorized user can have any unauthenticated access. Moreover, Mollie is PCI-DSS level 1 certified, ensuring that all transactions are securely executed.

Easy Integratable - Mollie can easily be integrated into any ecommerce website and is compatible with a lot of local, regional and global payment tools and providers. Moreover, Mollie is always on the lookout to add new payment methods.

Streamlined Checkout - Possibly one of the biggest advantages of Mollie is that instead of navigating your customers to another page for making a payment, they can choose their preferred mode of payment and carry out the payment within the same website.

Dashboard - The Mollie dashboard provides you with all your payment information in a single place and can be seamlessly integrated with all kinds of accounting software.

Multi Currency - With Mollie, instead of having to make payments in popular currencies like dollars, pounds or euros, you can make payments in your preferred currency.

User Friendly - Mollie is user friendly with an interactive and device-friendly interface which can be easily used on multiple different devices.

How can we assist you in integrating Mollie with your business?

Winterwind | Mollie

Being one of the biggest payment service providers in Europe, Mollie facilitates the payment process, and assists all types of businesses to be more efficient and convenient with their payment methods. Mollie gives your customer a vast payment method choice so that they can make their payments according to their own preferred options.

Winterwind’s team of experts can assist you in creating your Mollie account and integrating it with the payment options on your website to process payments. All payments will then be directly processed in the customer data in your CRM system.

We can also assist you in the integration of Mollie for mobile apps and tablets with various operating systems such as Android, Apple and Windows. Our team can assist in allowing your customers to log into your website, select the product or service they want, and pay through their preferred payment system with all payments automatically getting added into your Mollie account.

Using the Mollie API for payment integration into your website, our team can also provide customized Mollie integration solutions according to the requirements of your website.

Want to understand more about how Mollie works? Or need to integrate Mollie with your online website or shop? Contact our team of experts today! We would love to hear from you and provide you with more information about Mollie integration.