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The majority of the work in Winterwind is integrating blockchain technology into our client applications. Winterwind has been working on blockchain projects non-stop since 2017. Our founder, Anthony Vipond, was the lead developer of LoyalCoin, which was the first cryptocurrency to emerge from the Philippines in September 2017. LoyalCoin raised over 10 million dollars under Anthony's technical leadership. After helping Patrick Palacios and the LoyalCoin team to complete fundraising, Anthony went on to found Winterwind, which is now a successful software development agency with team members in the Philippines, India and Pakistan.


The CTO of Winterwind, Yasir, was the lead developer of SyncFab during their ICO raise. SyncFab raised over 20 million dollars in 2017. Anthony and Yasir have since left their lead developer posts and are now fully committed to cementing Winterwind as the world's leading blockchain development agency.



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EOS Development Services
Bitcoin Development Services
Stellar Lumens Development Services
Ethereum Development Services


At LoyalCoin, Anthony created a customized ICO website that accepted Bitcoin, Ethereum and XEM. ICO/IEO websites created by Winterwind are customized for you and will include a dashboard for your users as well as an admin panel where you can see all of the investors and the amounts they contributed. You will see the totals of all the cryptocurrency you have raised. Security is paramount with ICO websites. You will have the cryptocurrency raised sent directly to your wallets. We will not hold the funds. We will set up listeners to listen for incoming transactions to your ICO wallets and then update your website's database accordingly. We will never have access to your crypto and we will teach you how you can keep your crypto safe at all times.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Anthony and his team have developed not one, but two, full-fledged cryptocurrency exchanges. One that we are allowed to disclose is, which is completely unique in the cryptocurrency space. It is because it supports a wide range of different blockchain protocols and the tokens that are built from that protocol. Coinflyer has support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Stellar Lumens, NEO and Waves. For example, there is a Bitcoin-EOS order book, as well as an EOS-SENSE book, EOS-IQ, and EOS-DICE order book, etc. The child coin trades trades against the native coin (or Gas) belonging to its protocol.


Getting Approval for Cryptocurrency apps in App Store

One of the challenges many cryptocurrency companies face is getting approval for their app in Apple's App Store. Most companies are not able to every achieve this and resign themselves to only being able to offer their users a version on Google Play. Anthony has extensive experience with the submission process on the App Store and will help your app get approved and published there. There are a number of precautions and steps that need to be taken to pull this off on a product and technical level, including careful wording during submission, and Anthony and his team will handle all of this for you.

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