Blockchain Development and Consulting

Anthony has been in Manila since June of 2017 when he was hired as the lead developer of LoyalCoin. LoyalCoin was the first cryptocurrency from the Philippines and to this day is the most well-known token from the country. Anthony led all the technology efforts for LoyalCoin including creating the technology for their ICO, developing (now, creating the LoyalWallet (now on the AppStore and Google Play) to distributing the tokens to the thousands of buyers. After his stint at LoyalCoin, Anthony was a true expert with blockchain and the business surrounding it, and he founded Winterwind, the first blockchain-focused software agency from Southeast Asia.

Areas of Expertise

check ICO Consulting
check Blockchain Technology Consulting
check Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, NEM, NEO, Stellar Lumens, WAVES
check Using a hybrid infrastructure (mixture of relational database and blockchain database)
check Consulting on custom tokens (supply, burning, minting, decimals, blockchain choice, etc)
check Stable coins and converting cash to crypto and back to cash
check Blockchain-based gambling
check Referring Connections
check Referring connections on license acquisition, cash-in and cash-out partners

ICO Consulting

Anthony has been the ICO consultant and tech lead for roughly half of the ICOs that have taken place in the Philippines so far, as well as numerous ICOs abroad. Having extensive experience in this kind of fundraising event, he is able to consult on the following matters:

check Token Details
check Fixed max supply vs. Open-ended supply
check Whether to allow token burning or not
check Whether to allow future minting of new tokens or not
check Token name and symbol suggestions
check Min raise vs. Max raise
check ICO token price
check Freezable vs. non-freezable tokens
ICO Consulting

He is also very familiar with the business around ICOs and strategies to raise the most crypto (and cash) possible.

check Strategies for social media marketing
check Strategies for community management (including Telegram management)
check ICO-specific website design (countdowns, progress bars, user dashboard, etc)
check Application security and keeping tokens raised safe
check Creating hype amongst the community and which countries to target

Blockchain Technology Consulting

Anthony will ask you a number of questions about your business and goals before making suggestions on which blockchain to use, whether to create your own token or not, etc. Due to the nature of blockchain, it is very difficult to change your blockchain to another one later on. From a technology standpoint it can certainly be done, however there are numerous issues that can arise, such as your users already holding the old token and challenges surrounding token migration.

Anthony is familiar with all major blockchains and their capabilities, and strengths and weaknesses. After he has a good understanding of your business goals, he will offer you some choices for the blockchain and also explain why he has chosen it.

Blockchain Technology Consulting

Hybrid Infrastructure

Anthony is a strong proponent of hybrid blockchain applications as compared to purely decentralized applications. There are numerous advantages to running a hybrid system as opposed to purely decentralized apps (dApps).

check Hybrid apps can offer instant feedback to uses, dApps must wait for the transaction to be mined.
check Snappier user experience as the user's component runs on a centralized database. The blockchain is a supporting layer and the blockchain transaction is done immediately after in the background.
check Ability to offer centralized login with reset password capabilities.
check Much easier to changes to the blockchain layer down the line.

That being said, Anthony realizes there are some applications that were meant to be fully decentralized, and Winterwind's team is well-equipped to develop these applications.

Hybrid Infrastructure

Stable Coin Consulting

Winterwind is working with many projects that involve stable coins. The inefficiency and high cost associated with SWIFT wire transfers, Western Union and the like has given rise to a substantial amount of stable coin projects. Oftentimes these projects are in the remittance industry.

Winterwind has extensive experience creating stable coins and is working with stable coin projects that also have built-in cash-in and cash-out functionality. We often go to Stellar Lumens to run these projects on, however there are more possibilities, including EOS.

Stable Coin Consulting

Referring Connections

Due to breadth of different companies that Anthony is involved with, he has built up a large rolodex of industry experts. Many are from the Philippines, but not all. Anthony is able to refer connections for the following:

check Blockchain Lawyers
check Industry players that can assist you with licensing (money license, remittance license, gaming license, etc)
check Cash-in/Cash-out partners with 1000's of locations in the Philippines and abroad
check Third-party companies where you can use their license as a service
Referring Connections
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