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Winterwind has extensive experience integrating the EOS blockchain into a range of applications. We have been using EOS technology since their ICO began in 2017 and have been developing with EOS professionally since early 2018. We are big fans of this blockchain and Anthony is happy to consult your firm on the pros and cons of EOS if you are on the fence about using this technology or not.

Fungible Token Development

Winterwind has created fungible tokens for a number of clients. Tokens in EOS are created by deploying the appropriate smart contract to the EOS blockchain. Your token can be customized to meet your business' needs. We will provide you with a questionnaire that will help us create the perfect token for your business. Some of the questions we will ask include the following:

  • Does it have a fixed/max supply of tokens?
  • Is there minting/burning allowed after the initial creation of the coins? (inflation/deflation)
  • Name of the token and its symbol (recommended to have 2-5 characters for symbol)
  • How many decimals in your token? (divisibility of one unit)
  • Do you want Winterwind to maintain a backup of your private key in case you lose it?

There are more questions. Get in touch to know the full customization options of a fungible token.


Non-Fungible Token Development

One of the projects we have worked on is a roleplay game built on top of EOS. In addition to the game having a fungible token which was used as the in-game "gold", all of the items in the game were non-fungible tokens. Examples included the "sword of might" and "boots of swiftness" of which there were a limited quantity on the game/EOS blockchain. These items were all NFTs and they have their properties written onto the smart contract. For example, the sword had an attack damage score, critical hit score, speed interval on how often it could be swung, weight, etc. As these items (and the characters in the game) were all non-fungible tokens, they can be sent from one EOS account to another EOS account right on the blockchain. Since the FTs (gold) and NFTs (items, characters) belong to an EOS account, once the player logs into the game with their EOS account, the characters and their items displayed are the same as what is in their account. This is a stark difference to traditional games like Fortnite where the items only reside in a centralized database, giving the players no real ownership of their digital assets. Find an example of NFT's on EOS as follows:

  • Race (human, alien, beast, spirit)
  • Physicality (weight, height, running speed, walking speed)
  • Capable of magic/spells? Yes/No
  • Item type (sword, shield, boots, helmet, etc)
  • Attack score
  • Defense score
  • Critical hit score
  • Color
  • Cost (the cost would be in the fungible token/in-game gold)

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