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DV Trading


Winterwind has integrated the cryptocurrency liquidity provider, DV Trading, into one of the cryptocurrency exchanges it has developed. DV Trading is a professional, high-volume liquidity provider based in the United States and Canada. Using open-source software, QuickFix, we have integrated their technology into a real-time order book. Some of the liquidity provided includes Bitcoin-USD and Ethereum-USD trading pairs.

We have also integrated another high-volume liquidity provider but are unable to mention the name due to contractual obligations. Suffice it to say, Winterwind has experience integrating the FIX protocol with professional web applications.

DV Trading

Winterwind can help your business integrate FIX in a range of applications such as trading order books, OTC orders of cryptocurrency or forex, algorithmic trading applications and more.

The majority of Winterwind's experience integrating FIX is using Java and the QuickFix library, however there are other FIX libraries and programming languages that can be used as well.

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