Stellar Lumens


Winterwind has extensive experience integrating the Stellar Lumens blockchain for many different clients. The Stellar blockchain is unique because of its features relating to sending and receiving fiat currencies. It as built in support for tethering the value of user-made tokens to existing fiat currencies such as the USD, GBP, and many more. It also supports converting these from one to another.

Case Study

One of our clients asked us to create ten different tokens, all based on Stellar. Each one is a stable coin representing a different world currency. There is a web application that goes along with the application, which lets users convert from one stable coin to another, right within the website. This client also has physical locations around the world where users can deposit or withdraw their coins. The balance is then immediately reflected within their web wallet. There are also plans to have a mobile wallet for this application and Winterwind will be doing the development for this as well.

Use real currencies

Stellar needs to be strongly considered as a blockchain choice for clients that have extensive fiat currency integration into their application ecosystem. If you need a stable coin, Stellar must be considered to do its built in functions related to converting from one currency to another.

Send money globally

In addition to Stellar having extremely low transaction fees, the Stellar blockchain has a unique feature. An account can not only store balances, but also store what actions it wants to do with what it has. For example, a Stellar account can be holding $100 USD and have a property that it is willing to convert $50 USD to CAD at a rate of 1.3 of $65 CAD. Since the Stellar network is integrated with the traditional financial system at a protocol level, if it finds a CAD seller that is willing to execute at that price, the Stellar network will automatically execute the transaction. A Stellar account being able to hold active orders within itself is one of the unique and powerful features of this blockchain.

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