Blockchain Sales Consultant Job

Winterwind is doing year-round hiring for people that can help us securing new clients. Winterwind is in the software services business, as such, we are always looking for new clients which we can serve with our website, mobile app and blockchain development services.

We offer a base salary to sales consultant, as well as a generous commission on any accounts belonging to you. Every time one of your accounts pay, you will receive a commission. As such, Winterwind expects you to maintain a good relationship with your accounts throughout the entire development process. You should be familiar with the following job functions related to sales consultants:

  • Cold sales
  • Business Networking
  • Email and Phone Etiquette
  • Knowledgeable about blockchain, website and app development on a product level
  • After-sales support

If you are interested in being a sales consultant with Winterwind, please complete the form below. Your application will be looked at within 48 hours.

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