Tips for Getting Listed on CoinmarketCap

Published April 08, 2020 08:04 PM EST
Updated May 12, 2020 11:05 PM EST
Tips for Getting Listed on CoinmarketCap

Anthony has been involved with getting three tokens listed on CoinmarketCap, and one of the successful applications, LoyalCoin was done completely on his own.


          There are a number of factors that Coinmarketcap considers when deciding whether to list you or not, and many of them are not in their FAQ. In no particular order, I will list all the bases you want to have covered before initiating any contact with them. This is a key point. First impressions last a long time. Do not submit your application until you have met all the points below.

          We will cover the actual form fields later in this article, however it is not like they will automatically list you as long as you are able to fill in every form field (however, that's a start). If they are interested in your crypto-asset, they will email you directly and ask you anything they want regarding your project. If your answers do not satisfy them, they will reply to address certain issues and then re-apply later. (kind rejection).

          If this happens, you should make significant efforts to address their points and try to make the project more well-known, and then re-apply at least two months later.

The application form can be found here.

Do not submit it until you have read this article in it's entirety!

Key points to being accepted into Coinmarketcap Asset Listings

  • Professional communication

  • Use case

  • Professional website

  • Full team

  • Working software

  • Professional whitepaper

  • Full details about your ICO

  • Proof of Community

  • Professional social media with engagement

  • Knowledge if your token is a utility or security token

  • Examples of events you have hosted

  • Listed on at least two exchanges

    Bonuses (but not required)

  • Company documents

  • Legal opinions on your token

  • Security audit for the token

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    Professional Communication

              Write professionally in your application. Provide the full information without filler. You need to convey to them why you and your token should be taken seriously. You must prove to them why it's a significant crypto-asset for your community.

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    Use Case

              The team at Coinmarketcap review hundreds of applications per day and are able to differentiate useful tokens from useless tokens. You must demonstrate why your token is reasonable, needed, useful and providing value to the token holders.

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    Professional Website

              Be sure they will be reviewing your website and it will be a reflection of you and your token. Does the website display well on mobile clients? Use the contact form below if you would like Winterwind to help get your website ready for the application.

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    Full Team

              You should have a full team including leadership, core team members and advisors. It's preferable if you have a few well-known people in your team, especially within the advisor section.

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    Working Software

              This is a big one. With all of the vaporware out there in the crypto community (unlaunched products) there is now an expectation that your software is launched already. It must at least be in a beta state and preferably out of beta. There should be users on it as well. If it's an app, you should have at least 1,000 downloads.

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    Professional Whitepaper

              A whitepaper shows that you have put thought into your project, have a plan and have put significant effort into it. It should be at least twenty pages long and include graphics and lots of information about the token itself. I.e. the technical nature of the token, what blockchain it is on, the supply, the bonuses for team members, any locking periods, etc.

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    Proof of Community

              If you do not have a community around your token yet, you need to work on that before proceeding with the application. Your Telegram channel should not have less than 500 people.

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    Professional social media with engagement

              There must be regular postings at least once per week. You should be on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and anywhere else that is relevant. There should be engagement with your page and content; Likes, hearts, comments, etc. You should add a token logo there and an appealing cover photo on each social media instance.

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    Knowledge if your token is a utility or security token

              You need to know the basics of the legal opinion around your token. You should be able to answer clearly whether it is a utility or security token and justify it.

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    Examples of events you have hosted

              One of the things that helped LoyalCoin get listed is we had proof that we were conducting events within Manila and engaging our local community. We even held a conference and invited some well-known players to join us there. You do not need to host a conference, but hosting events show that you are engaging your community in a face-to-face way and that is always going to be respected.

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    Listed on at least two exchanges

              The exchanges must be already listed on Coinmarketcap and have trading volume for your token. If the volume is less than $2000-$5000 per day it is too early to be applying.

              It should be noted that Winterwind is offering blockchain development services and is integrating different blockchain technologies into different applications.

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