Fetching Fortnite match statistics and results with the Overwolf API

Published April 08, 2020 08:04 PM EST
Updated May 12, 2020 11:05 PM EST
Fetching Fortnite match statistics and results with the Overwolf API

In this article we will explain how to integrate with the Overwolf API and fetch real-time game events such as kills, deaths, standings and more.

Overwolf Capabilities

          Overwolf helps us to get results from the game. Some examples include the following:


          By using the Overwolf API we can build applications to get highlight clips along with clips based on events, like kills or deaths. In this way, we can easily show any player's gameplay.

Game Stats

          Overwolf's API allows us to fetch game stats like wins, number of kills, the killed player's name and more.

Stats API For Fortnite

          Here are the list of API’s available for Fortnite game to fetch events


We can get total number of kills in a match, along with being able to subscribe for multiple events related to kills, i.e.:

  1. Kill: We can subscribe so that whenever a player in a particular game kills another player, our webhook will be notified.

  2. Knockout: When a player knockouts another player, our webhook will be notified in real time.

  3. Hit: When a local player hits an enemy with weapon, we will be notified.


    Available Events


              This is an event when a local player kills another player and the application will be notified via the player's name.


              When a player will be killed then application will get notified with the killer player's name.


              When a local player will be revived then our webhook will be notified.


              When a local player is knocked out, then the application will be notified in real-time with the player information who was knocked out.


              We have 2 events regarding Match. One is on match start and other is on match end. We can listen and get notifications on both.

    Along with info we can fetch other statistics regarding match such as:

  4. Is the match is Solo Mode?

  5. Is the match is Duo Mode?

  6. Is the match Squad Mode?

  7. Playlist Respawn in match


    We can get multiple statistics related to rank.

  8. We can get the player rank at the end of each match

  9. We can get the total active teams of any match

  10. We can get the total active players of any match


    We can get some information about any player such as the following:

  11. Player nickname

  12. Player Health

  13. Player Accuracy ( hits/ total shots)

  14. Amount of shields the player has


    We can get the current game state. These values can be:

  15. lobby

  16. loading_screen

  17. airfield

  18. aircraft

  19. freefly


              We can get any player location though a query. We will get (x, y, z) location in the response.


              We can get user team player names by querying.


    We can get information regarding the following items:

  20. Inventory (We can get current inventory of any user)

  21. Selected_slot (We can get selected slot in quickbar of any user)

  22. Quickbar (We can get information about his quickbar, it will send us a response regarding item names in the quickbar)


              We can get any user's latency by querying that from the current match.


    Subscription Example in Javascript

              You can define features in array for event listening like so:


    You can then initialize game events with the following code:


    We can register generic events like:


    Here is code snippet where you can see our features/events listeners.


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